Thursday, 26 February 2009

Another quite important music video.

It's Frankmusik's new single! And when I say "new", I mean "first (because the other ones didn't count)."

Better Off As Two is pretty much one of the best pop songs of the year, which bodes well for the album, because 3 Little Words was one of the best not-quite-properly-released singles of last year. I mean, it was up there with Annie's album.

Mr Musik is also doing a very exciting thing to promote the single. It involves Twitter, GPS, a mini-tour and you helping him around the country. It's all about flexing his web fanbase's muscle or making a comment on public surveillance or something.

Speaking of The Year of Electropop.

I am reasonably excited about the Filthy Dukes' album, released next month. If you've not yet seen the video for This Rhythm, watch it!

Good stuff. I hope you like it, because there will be more on them next month. While you wait, check out their fancy website.

I'm not quite missing in action yet.

I didn't forget about this, I swear. I've just been Very Busy with my final semester (I hope) of being an undergraduate. I should be back updating properly soon, but in the meantime...

That new Phoenix song is fairly brilliant, isn't it? Very instant. I think Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix will be on heavy rotation this summer.

You can listen to/download 1901 from their exciting website. The flashing purple bits are a nice touch - clearly the band's people are aware that 2009 is The Year of Electropop (well, it might be).

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Anoraak continues to be remixed.

The Nightdrive With You EP by Anoraak was one of last year's best releases, no question about it, and Anoraak currently stands as one of Valerie's strongest contenders. The title song has since been remixed a ludicrous number of times, but unlike some cases where droves of artists start throwing glitter at a turd for no reason, this is a brilliant song being attacked by brilliant people.

I figured the gushing stream of remixes would have ebbed by now. But no!

ENTER BMX. BMX are an incredibly fun band who make incredibly fun music with bouncy New Wave influences. War was one of the best songs I heard last year, and it carried with it the same feelgood factor that Nightdrive With You did. So obviously BMX sticking their fingers in the Nightdrive pie would result in something QUITE AMAZING.

Blouse have the exclusive, let's go see them.

Thanks, Blouse!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Equally good news for fans of Kat DeLuna.

Yes, Kat DeLuna! You know...Kat DeLuna?

Kat's first album was produced by Red One, the man behind Lady GaGa's Just Dance and, erm, Heidi Montag's Fashion. He's also behind that amazing Darin single that, coincidentally, featured Kat DeLuna (probably not a coincidence).

Well, it seems that Ms DeLuna's appearance on that single was a way to lay the groundwork in the European market for what should be her huge breakthrough hit. Unstoppable is a brilliant piece of trashy pop with a cameo from Lil' Wayne. The lyrics are spunky and "fierce", there's a rocky guitar throughout that suggests that this girl has got "attitude", and the guitar is probably not being played by Weezy (thank fuck). It all has the makings of a Latina Lady Gaga/Rihanna hybrid, which can only be a good thing.

Shame the video is piss poor then. :(

Good news for fans of 'choons.'

Scotland is firing all dance cylinders this week with the return of not one but two proprietors of "massive choons."

Calvin Harris' I'm Not Alone is the kind of thing you'd hear on dance compilations in the late '90s while being told "it's proper big in Ibiza right now innit", etc. Gone is the quirkiness of the first album, replaced by a quality that annoying radio DJs will call "EUPHORIC" and "LARGE." And I suppose that works as a description - it starts out laid back and chilled out with acoustic guitars and lovely backing vocals, and then there's all manner of whooshing and excitable trance bits. So yes, very EUPHORIC and LARGE.

Meanwhile, Mylo is back. His comeback single (let's not call it a comeback) is apparently called I'm Back (okay, let's do). But it might not be. It is not quite as EUPHORIC or LARGE as the Calvin Harris, but it is quite brilliant. It seems like a very bizarre choice for a comeback single though, as it's not the most accessible of Mylo tracks and it doesn't have Gloria Estefan on it. Still, I'm sure it's a grower.

Faisal over at Ohh! Crapp has got rips for you if you were born in the '80s.

And I'll throw in that rather fantastic Calvin remix of Sophie Ellis-Bextor's Off & On, which may or may not be on her new album.